Friday, May 3, 2013

Another American in Zagreb

While I have not had any trouble finding other Americans in Zagreb, in March I finally had my very first (and likely only) visitor. My good friend and colleague, Will, came to Zagreb as part of an extended European trip. In anticipation of his trip, we made lots of plan to travel but not before exploring the city a little. The morning, we hopped in our rental car and took off for the coast.

Here we are on of the great overlooks in the old town. Behind us is the Zagreb cathedral.

Here is the famed Zagreb funicular. It's the shortest in the world and since we also have funiculars in Pittsburgh, we had to take a ride!

The next morning we drove to Split on the Adriatic coast with my friends, Amy and Jenn. The town has many interesting sites including Diocletian's place and an excellent coastal promenade. 

The city streets of Split. 

This is part of Diocletian's Palace next to the Split cathedral. Many parts of the palace are still used as shops and homes today. 

This is the view from an old rotunda, I couldn't help but share the beautiful weather we had this day. 

Amy and Jenn in the rotunda.

The promenade on the seaside.

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